Getting Those Perfect Curls: Tips And Tricks

As life continues, so does a women’s dilemma with curly hair. Those who have perfectly straight hair are dreaming about their absolute opposite. While girls with beautiful natural curls have nothing on their minds but sleek and straight locks of hair. Owing to the variety of instruments available nowadays, both categories of women can easily get what they want. However, without knowing all ins and outs, it is almost impossible to get those perfect curls.

Simple Heatless Methods Of Getting Curls

That is exactly why we have prepared a few tips on how to create that natural curly look without going to the beauty salon. Even though, there are professionals working in the specialized hair salons, they do not know as much about your hair as you do. Therefore, you are the only person who is capable of creating that very perfect look. And in many cases, you do no need any special styling tools to this end.

Here is our list of tips for your hair to finally gain that shape and form you desperately want it too:

  • do not over moisturize your hair: curly hair usually has light structure and is dry. Therefore, if you want your tresses to curl, they should not be too heavy and oily. When using oils and conditioners, try to opt for lighter structures of those;
  • forget about rough drying: one of the first steps towards your dream hair is to change the way you dry it. When using a towel after a shower, instead of rubbing your hair with force, try to go for a more gentle approach. By carefully pressing and twisting your hair, it will not get frizzy so that natural curls can form;
  • go for a diffuser: for those whose hair is already a bit wavy, one of the best methods to make it even more curly is to use a diffuser when blow-drying. Owing to the shape of this instrument, your hair will become curled a bit and will become dried in this very form;


  • prepare your hairstyle the night before: you will only need a few minutes before going to bed to create that perfect curly hair style. Basically, you have to first create a sock bun and wrap all the hair around it. After sleeping with it all night, your last task would be to carefully unravel the hair style and split the curls.

To wrap things up, we all are able to change the way we look by knowing a few more things and applying them in our beauty routine. For instance, sometimes to get those gorgeous curls one should simply change the habit of blow-drying or prepare the hairstyle the night before. Even girls with absolutely straight and non-voluminous hair can find their own methods to turn their straight tresses into rather curly ones.