Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is a real present of nature. It is cute, playful and sometimes unmanageable, but it always looks very attractive. With a help of an appropriate styling technique it will enrich every style as well. 

Even Hollywood celebrities choose curls and waves very often, because delicate wavy locks and tight curls are able to add a bit of romantic zests to everyone and every look. Curly hair also looks great in every situation, whether it is a working day or a party night with friends in the club.

Our article is a helpful guidance for women with curly hair, who likes experiments and wants to change something in their cut, and also for those, who are in a search of a right hairstyle that is able to make natural curls look better.   

What To Start With?

Making a choice of a suitable haircut should start with an understanding of a face shape you have. A proper cut can hide every disadvantage and show off all the best parts. Depending on the shape of the face, there are some variations of hairstyles for curly hair.

  • A round shape. Haircuts for a round face shape should visually elongate the roundness and turn it to an oval shape. There are such cuts that make some volume and the crown of the head and do not focus an attention on cheeks. Women with round faces can wear a lot of variations of a bob haircut, there could be one-sided asymmetrical bangs or without it at all, or a simple shoulder length cut.  
  • An oval shape. An oval shape is considered an ideal shape, so there are a lot of hairstyles to wear. Girls with an oval face should try variations of layered or simple jaw to shoulder length cuts and even pixies. Bangs can be long and asymmetrical or short and straight till brows.
  • A square shape. Such face shape could be too sharp and massive, so the haircut should solve this problem. Asymmetrical cuts are the best for such faces, they make the shape less square and the style more feminine. Soft curls also make the chin shape more delicate and place the main focus on cheekbones. Bangs can have every shape and length, except short straight bangs till brows.

Curly hair needs care suitable for such structure, and treatment routine to look good. And it is an everyday challenge virtually for the whole life. But it is worth it indeed. Healthy curls look amazing in every single situation, from casual daily routines to romantic evenings with special people. But it is also important to find an appropriate hairstyle, that will work for a certain face shape and will focus the main attention just on the best parts. The right cut and care routine are the main keys to reach good looking hair that will enrich every style.